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2021 Excellence in Trucking Award

Kirk Cameron Forest Products

The Michigan Association of Timbermen would like to congratulate Kirk Cameron Forest Products as the recipient of the 2021 Excellence in Trucking award.  Kirk purchased his first truck in 1994 from Larry Baynham, which he drove for at the time.  He added another truck one year later and his third truck in 2001.  The company has grown over the years and now has a fleet of 5 self-loader log trucks and one tractor that hauls equipment and pulls log trailers.


2021 Excellence in Manufacturing

Central Michigan Hardwoods, Inc.

The Michigan Association of Timbermen would like to announce Central Michigan Hardwoods, Inc. as our 2021 Excellence in Manufacturing award recipient.

Central Michigan Hardwoods is a kiln drying lumber facility in Coopersville, Michigan. Beginning with their founding in 1999, they have been committed to serving their customers and providing them with kiln dried lumber to their exact specifications.

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2021 Logger of the Year

Brien Thoney and Sons Forest Products LLC


The Michigan Association of Timbermen and the Michigan SFI Implementation Committee are pleased to announce Brien Thoney and Sons Forest Products LLC of Daggett Michigan as the recipient of our 2021 Logger of the year.


Brien Thoney and Sons Forest Products LLC of Daggett, Michigan are this year’s MAT Logger of the Year. They are the 5th generation of this family business. The headquarters of the business is still at its original location. They continue to follow the career track of many families in this region, which historically was work in the woods in the winter and farm in the summer. They log year-around whenever not tending to crops and cattle. They are leaders in the county in adopting new technology.

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2021 Distinguished Service Award


Anne Harmon


The Michigan Association of Timbermen would like to congratulate Anne Harmon as the recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Service Award recipient.  Anne married into the Harmon logging family in 1994.  In 2012 Greg took over the company from his dad and Anne started doing the books for the company.  Anne is very passionate about the Forest Products industry and tries to educate anyone willing to listen about the importance of logging and forest management.  She has organized field trips with local schools to get the kids into the woods, where they learned about harvesting, forest management, careers, and the equipment used in Logging.


2021 Legislator of the Year

Representative John N. Damoose


Upon graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Political Science in 1994, John secured a job at the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach, Virginia. While there, he learned his craft working on the 700 Club television program, and ultimately wrote and produced a 2 hour documentary on the story of America called “Victory in Spite of All Terror,” which marked the beginning of a career that would involve interviewing thousands of leaders from all walks of life and telling the story of the American character to millions of people through television special and online video.


In 1997, John co-authored a book with Dr. Bill Bright, the Founder and President of Campus Crusade for Christ. The book explored the founding principles of the United States and was ultimately hand-delivered to every member of the United States Congress.

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2021 Jess Birtcher Scholarship Winner

Bryce Neff

Bryce Neff is a 3rd year Forestry Major at Michigan Technological University, graduating in the spring of 2023. For the upcoming summer he will be working for the Michigan DNR as a Forestry intern in Roscommon. He enjoy hunting and fishing in his free time. 

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