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Pile of forested logs


The Michigan Association of Timbermen was established in 1972 for the purpose of reducing costs and increasing profits of small forest industry businesses, while ensuring a continued supply of timber. Please consider joining today and join us in our mission!

Industry Members

Must be directly involved in the harvest, manufacture, or hauling of wood material. Industry members are eligible to vote on association business at MAT Annual Meeting. 

Associate Members

Any company or individual that supports the mission of the Association of Timbermen; i.e. equipment dealers, landowners, school groups, consulting foresters, retailers, etc. Associate members are not eligible to vote on association business at MAT Annual Meeting. 

Retired MAT Member - $140
Individual Employee ---- $225
0 Employees -------------------- $310
1-3 Employees ---------------- $340
4-10 Employees ------------- $380
11-20 Employees ---------- $520
21-49 Employees ---------- $655
50+ Employees -------------- $825

Multiple Businesses* ---- $200

*Applicants with multiple businesses must pay for their largest
business (by employee count) as the primary member. Any
additional businesses under the same ownership cost $200 each.

Individual or Non-Business (Non-Profits, Schools, etc.) ---- $90

1+10 Employees ----------------------- $155
11+ Employees -------------------------- $405

To download the hard copy application form and mail with check or credit card number, please click here.

Member Testimonials


Sara Gapinski, Gapinski Forestry Products - Gaylord, MI

"MAT strives to educate the general public on how logging is a positive activity for wildlife and forests. I am grateful for the Association and this effort on behalf of my company."
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