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Welcome to MAT, our job is to be the voice for the Michigan Timber industry and for you!   We keep a watchful eye on Lansing so you can keep your eyes on your business.

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MAT Objectives


Members of the Michigan Association of Timbermen are dedicated to the practice of sustainable forestry which provides the goods and services we demand without compromising the opportunity to provide the same goods and services for future generations.  

Specific steps towards these goals are:

  • Operate programs that reduce operating costs to improve the profitability of member firms.

  • Acquire greater exposure and understanding of the issues and yet untapped economic potential of Michigan’s forest industry.

  • Provide Michigan’s forest industry effective representation with legislators and government officials to favorably influence public policy and legislation.


Download our short fact sheet to learn about the effects of the Timber Industry on the state of Michigan's economy. 

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