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2022 Election Recap

Last night certainly brought some surprises in the election results, especially in Michigan races. Gov. Whitmer won re-election as expected but by a wider margin than what the polls showed.

The Democrats in the Michigan Senate gained control from the Republicans for the first time since 1983 winning 20 seats to the Republicans 18.

The biggest shocker in my opinion was the Michigan House of Representatives. The Democrats flipped the House to take their first majority since 2010 winning 56 seats to the Republicans 54 seats.

Nationally, the majorities are too close to call. It appears that the Republicans will flip the U.S. House of Representatives although that’s not a guarantee at this point. In the U.S. Senate, the Democrats are holding on to a 48 to 47 seat lead. Majority will come down to Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin.

All three ballot proposals passed in Michigan.

Keep in mind, the percentages below are current numbers and not necessarily what the final vote tally will be.


  • Michigan Governor – Governor Gretchen Whitmer won a second term by roughly 10 percentage points, 54% to 44% over Tudor Dixon.

  • Michigan Secretary of State – Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson won re-election with roughly 55% of the vote to Kristina Karamo’s 42%.

  • Michigan Attorney General – Attorney General Dana Nessel won re-election with roughly 52% of the vote.

  • U.S. Senate – Currently sits at 48-47 with the Democrats in the lead. 50 seats are needed to take majority.

  • U.S. House Representatives – Currently sits at 203 to 175 with the Republicans in the lead. 218 seats are needed to take majority.

  • Michigan Senate – The Democrats flipped the Michigan Senate, 20-18. They will determine the next Senate Majority Leader tomorrow. The race is between Winnie Brinks from Grand Rapids and Stephanie Chang from Detroit.

  • Michigan House of Representatives – The Democrats took majority, 56-54. They will elect the next Speaker of the House tomorrow. The race is between Joe Tate from Detroit and Julie Brixie from East Lansing. It’s anticipated that Joe Tate will win.

  • Proposal 1 – “Term Limit Proposal.” Proposal to change term limits from 14 years to 12 years but allow the 12 years to be served in either chamber. Passed with over 66% of the vote.

  • Proposal 2 – “Election Proposal.” – Passed with nearly 60% of the vote.

  • Proposal 3 – “Abortion Proposal” Passed with over 56% of the vote.

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