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Urban Forestry Recommendations to the Biden Administration

January 26, 2021

SAF and over 100 partners, including many from the Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition, recently shared a set of recommendations with the Biden Administration about fostering thriving and equitable communities through healthy urban and community forests.

"Our nation’s current and expanding 138 million acres of urban forests and trees are key to addressing priorities identified by the Biden Administration. From combating climate change and creating more equitable communities to improving infrastructure and expanding green jobs, trees and forests in our cities and towns are an essential piece of the equation."

The letter recommends the following actions:

•Re-establish the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council;

•Prioritize and ensure all communities have access to thriving urban and community forests and trees;

•Establish an Interagency MOU to achieve healthy and equitable tree canopy coverage through federal programs;

•Protect urban and community forestry investments;

•Create more job opportunities in urban and community forestry;

•Include urban and community forests and trees in all infrastructure investments;

•Bolster public health benefits through increased investment in urban and community forests; and

•Invest in Research and Development.

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